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Wesley Warner

GULO OUTDOORS was started by brothers Wes and Omni born out of passion for hunting the great outdoors.  We have created a handcrafted wool  stalking shoe to help you finish that #silentfinalapproach on the trophy of a lifetime. Wes began archery hunting over 30 years ago harvesting his first big game animal with a bow at the age of 14. He shares his passion of hunting, fishing camping and backpacking in the outdoors with is wife Maggie and four kids, Abbie, Easten, Noah and Bella.

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Omni Warner

GULO OUTDOORS was started by brothers Wes and Omni born out of passion for high country mule deer hunting.  Harvesting his first mule deer with a bow 30 years ago started an obsession for archery hunting.  Together with wife Jennifer, sons Taylen and Colten, and daughter Rylie they enjoy time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, and backpacking.

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